Thursday, September 30, 2010

Scrappy Tumbling Blocks Quilt

I had so much fun with this quilt! Like many of my fellow quilters, I have a mountain of fabric scraps threatening to overwhelm my sewing area. I just had to do something before I was swimming in scraps. So - this quilt was born.

I decided that I was not going to pay any attention to color scheme and had an "anything goes" attitude. I'm quite pleased with the result. I happen to love the scrappy, eclectic look so this quilt is right up my alley. This quilt brings up so many happy memories for me. As I look at each block, I am reminded of quilting and sewing projects past and I'm thrilled that I've preserved tiny bits of my favorite fabrics so that I can cherish them always.

My daughter seems to love it as well. She sits and studies the bright colors and fun patterns. By the way - she's wearing a onesie that I embellished with a quilt block. Another fun way for me to use my scraps. The only problem is that I've barely made a dent in my scrap pile! I guess I'll have to start another fun scrappy quilt. Back to work for me!

Check my flickr photostream for more photos of this quilt and other fun projects.


  1. That quilt is too freaking cute-- and so is your little one! :)

    - A friend of your cousin, Summer