About Me

Thanks for visiting my blog! My blog is my happy place. This is where I share my favorite projects and stories.

My name is Erin McCarthy. I live in Chicago, IL with my wonderful husband and two small children.

I love to sew, quilt and design but didn't totally embrace my creativity until I was a lonely, stay-at-home mom trying to survive temper tantrums and sleepless nights. We all need an outlet and I've found mine.

I have always loved art and design and my childhood was filled with project after project after project. I even started as an Art major in college. But art takes courage and I didn't have it back then. It took me years to work up the gumption to even start this blog. But I've grown to love the format and I get more and more courageous each and every day.

I am not someone who can follow instructions. In the past, I've purchased patterns and made feeble attempts at creating others' wonderful designs. It never turns out right in the end. So instead I make things from scratch. My ideas are inspired by life around me (I'm sure many of my projects have been done before) but I can promise you that the process is 100% my own. And I'm always happy to share my steps so that you can try it yourself (unless you're like me and can't follow instructions). :-)

I hope you like my projects and ideas. I love sharing them with you!

If you do like what you see, please leave me a comment. I'd really, really love to connect with you... that's why I'm doing this. And please consider becoming a follower of my blog or subscribing in a feeder.

Thanks for stopping by. Your visits mean the world to me!