Monday, November 8, 2010

Addicted to Rosettes

Wow!  What having a little girl will do to a crafty person!

Since my oldest is a boy, things like hair accessories and bows and flowers have not been on my radar screen.  Until now.  Baby girl is ten months old and I am having so much fun creating girly things!  There is this crazy world of girl stuff out there and I'm finding inspiration everywhere.

Have you seen all of the rosettes out there?  This seems to be a HUGE trend not only in little girls' things, but for big girls too.  I have a cute t-shirt in my closet that is adorned with rosettes.

With a little push from a friend (thank you, Francesca!), I'm trying my hand at rosettes.  And here are a few photos of my first creations...

I'm finding that making these little rosettes is a GREAT way to use my scraps!  I'm simply taking two-inch-wide strips of fabric in various lengths and am then manipulating the fabric, twisting and turning and glue-gunning in various spots to create a sweet little rose.

The hair accessories are kind of tricky.  It's hard to find a clip that will stay put in this little biscuit's wisps.

But she doesn't seem to mind!

I can't stop.  I've caught the rosette wave.  More styles and ideas to come.

Have a wonderful and creative Monday!


  1. What a beautiful little girl, you must be so proud. No wonder you enjoy making so many beautiful crafts with such an adorable baby to make them for.

  2. It does help to have a little baby inspiration!

  3. Yes, but I'll still have my blog! It was just getting too tough to fill orders while taking care of my little ones.