Monday, November 22, 2010

The View Outside my Window

This is what it looks like outside my window today...

The kids and I got caught in quite a thunderstorm taking Daniel to school this morning. Note to self: keep umbrella in car. 

Anyway - the good news is that a gray and rainy day like this is perfect for getting into the holiday spirit. My husband (thank you, honey) brought in all of our boxes of Christmas goodness yesterday and our basement is looking a bit messy with open boxes tossed about. Another note to self: do not attempt to pull out said Christmas goodness in the presence of a three-year-old. I think we'll be doing all of our decorating after little people are asleep at night. I should have remembered that Daniel's very first "time-out" was the result of some naughtiness surrounding our Christmas tree and glass ornaments last year. Oh well. 

But while he was at school today, I managed to pull out a few favorite items and even wrapped (I know! I'm so organized! Not really) a few gifts. Here's a sneak peek at things to come...

I have lots of plans for the blog in the next few weeks so stay tuned. What are you doing to get into the holiday spirit?

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