Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Word Ornament / Pillow Thingies

We're back from a fun weekend away. We may have gained a few pounds but we sure enjoyed ourselves as we celebrated Thanksgiving with family.

I wish I could say that I was back in the swing of things but my baby girl has been pretty sick since we got home. Poor little thing. I've been busy taking care of her and trying to keep the rest of the family healthy.

I have some fun projects in the works, though, and while Maddy napped this morning, I was able to make this sweet little holiday pillow with a ribbon tie.

I used printable fabric for the word "Joy" and am really happy with the results. This printable fabric stuff is awesome. Possibilities for greatness are endless! I usually use my embroidery machine when I want to embellish with text but I have such a limited selection of fonts and sizes. It's much more fun to play around in Microsoft Word. I think this ornament / pillow looks a lot like something I would see in one of my favorite, pricey mail order catalogs. I won't name names.

I am planning to make several of these using Christmas-y verbiage (peace, love, joy, hope, faith) and think I'll tie them to my staircase banister... maybe along with some garland.

After I finished this one, I thought they might make cute ornaments on the tree as well. I may even make one for each family member using first names. I have visions of future tree-trimming parties in which each person hangs their special ornament. Of course, violins are playing, husband and I are drinking champagne and snow is falling in my vision as well. Reality is more like mom trims the tree in her jammies while everyone else watches tv.

I'm planning to write up a little tutorial for these and will share as soon as time / health allows.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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