Friday, December 10, 2010


Do you remember this feeling?

Can you take a journey back to when you were three, four, five-years-old? To a place where Santa was so real and December was simply magical? A snow globe contained a little universe and was the most beautiful and awe-inspiring thing you'd ever seen.

I love this picture of my kids and I get a little teary-eyed each time I look at it and think about what must be going through their minds at this moment. To me, this photo is exactly what Christmas should be about. Magic and wonder and faith are just a few words that come to mind.  

I'm trying so hard to pack my bags (they're quite heavy at age 35) and take the trip back to 1980 in my mind. It's not an easy thing to do, but I think you get better at it the more you practice. I hope you can take this trip for yourself this holiday season and remember what Christmas was like for you as a child. I promise it'll be the best trip you've ever taken.

Happy weekend, my friends.

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