Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fabric Scrap Cupcake Toppers

Since baby girl is turning 1 on 1-1-11, I thought a "1" theme would be appropriate for her birthday party. "One" thought I had (pun intended) was to make some cupcake toppers with fabric scraps cut into the shape of the number 1.

This is a super easy project and you could use any shape, letter or number to coordinate with your party theme. 

To make these, I first printed a "1" on card stock and cut it out to use as a template. 

Then I found several scraps of fabric in my bin and used my favorite fabric stiffening method. (Simply combine equal parts white craft glue and water, paint onto your fabric scraps and allow to dry about 45 minutes)

I then traced my "1" on the right sides of my scraps, folded in half and cut so that I had two ones with wrong sides together.

Next I applied some fabri-tac fabric glue to the wrong side of a 1 and placed a toothpick on top like so...

Then I placed the other 1 on top and smoothed it out.

And that's it. Cute, easy, homemade party decor.

5 down, 15 to go. :-)

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  1. brilliant! thanks for the quick tutorial. this is a lovely idea for a birthday party.