Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Quilt for Mae

I finished a quilt! This is truly an accomplishment for me. As much as I consider myself a quilter and as much as I love the process of making a quilt, I have a very difficult time actually completing one. They are just so labor intensive and I don't often have the time or patience it takes to make one and do it right.

But a good friend of mine wanted to give her two-year-old daughter a special quilt for Christmas and she commissioned me to make one for her. I offered this sweet little quilt and knew that this was the kick in the rear I needed to get it done.

I used a straight-line quilting method for this one. The lines are about 1/2" apart. This took a very long time but I really like the way it turned out. I love the texture that all of those lines create.

I also really love the colors in this quilt... so vibrant and punchy. The fabric is mostly designed by Amy Butler but I threw in one of my all-time favorite designs by Jennifer Paganelli from the mod girls line. I love the juxtaposition of the modern prints with the retro / vintage blue floral. There's a hint of art deco in that design as well.

This quilt is backed and bound with a pale yellow with white polka dots... very sweet for a sweet little girl.

I love that my friend wanted to give her daughter a gift like this. While most of us are out shopping for plastic toys that beep and light up and sing songs, my friend wanted to give her little girl a keepsake. I hope that Mae will love her quilt as much as I loved making it.

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