Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fabric Scrap Gift Tags

Things seem to be looking up on the home front. I think my baby girl is finally feeling a bit better. Phew. It's been a rough week.

But even with a little patient in the house, I'm never too far from my projects and I managed to take a few moments this morning to wrap a couple more gifts. I'm inspired to be more creative with my wrapping this year.

Last Christmas, I made quilts for my mom and my mother-in-law using some cute holiday fabrics. I have a few scraps leftover... too small for most projects but not too small for these...

Here's how I made them...

First, I took some card stock I had lying around and printed it with my gift text. Next I cut my tags to my desired size, used a corner-rounder to round out the corners and used a glue stick (my favorite craft supply!) to glue my fussy-cut holiday motifs to my tags. For the Christmas trees, I used my pinking shears but you don't really have to... fraying shouldn't be much of an issue with these little gift tags. Then I punched a hole and attached to my packages.

I like that these tags have a bit of a personal touch and I also like using up old scraps!

What holiday projects have you been working on?


  1. Thanks for the tutorial (is that a creative memories cutter I spy in the picture. Love the cushion below as well. Hope that your little girl gets better soon xx

  2. No problem!

    Yep - I spent a very short time as a CM consultant several years ago. Don't think I sold anything but I sure bought a bunch of stuff! :-)

  3. Me too, well quite a few years ago now. It was when my little boy was a toddler (now 11) and I was doing my interior design course. I didnt earn much either but got quite a few brilliant deals. I am ashamed to say I havnt made an album for a little while, think I need to spend some time over the christmas period catching up with that :)