Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Some Small Projects for Daniel's Room

I've been busy trying to jazz up my little boy's room a bit.

Do you have one of these ugly eyesores in your home?

Well ours is on a prominent wall in our son's room.  I know an electrical box is a pretty important thing to have in a home but why does it have to be so ugly???  Someone should get into the business of creating decorative electrical panels.  We've fancied up pretty much everything else in this world.  Why can't these come in polka dot or plaid and in cute colors to match your decor?  Hmmm.... something to think about.

Anyway - I have been looking for something just the right size to cover this for years.  I've looked for picture frames and corkboards and on and on and on.  Nothing seems to be tall and skinny enough to cover all of this gray.  So - I had the idea to take two cork boards, place them together vertically, attach them with some hardware and cover with fabric.  Yesterday our eyesore became eye candy.

I just staple gunned the fabric to the back of the corkboard and voila!  A place to put Daniel's preschool art projects.

A couple of frames also got the fabric treatment.

And I finally covered this big "D" with fabric.  It was a little tricky and has a few imperfections but I don't think they'll be too noticeable once I get this guy hung on the wall.  The good news is that I managed to stay burn-free as I used the glue gun.

Here's to crossing a few things off the list!

Have a wonderful day.

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