Friday, February 18, 2011

Bad News and Great (no... Incredible) News

Hi! How are you today?

Things are just a tad crazy around here. We've decided to do some work to our home and so we're living in a construction zone. There are mattresses on couches and desks floating in the middle of our family room. All of this chaos coupled with toys, toys and more toys makes for some serious danger. I can't tell you how many times I've yelled "Watch where you step!" in the last two days.  I did set up my sewing machine on our dining room table and am slowly making progress on my embroidered quilt blocks but supplies are literally EVERYWHERE... and somehow nowhere if you know what I mean. So that's the bad news. Sewing, quilting, etc. may be slow going for a while.

The very, very, very GOOD news is that this construction means I'm getting my own sewing room / studio. Yippee!  Hallelujah! Angels are singing! (Or maybe those are just the voices in my head). It's kind of a long story and I'll spare you all the details but we are having one large bedroom on our top floor made into two smaller bedrooms for our kids. The kids are in the basement right now (I know... I'm a terrible parent keeping my kids in a dungeon) and I'll be taking over the room that Maddy currently occupies. It's small and doesn't have any windows but it's a room and I have big plans for it. I'll try to share some photos once it's all put together. We'll be living like this for a few weeks but the end result should be well worth the pain.

Here's a little sneak peek at the embroidered quilt blocks.

I decided that I needed to jazz them up a bit with fun fabrics so I ended up doing a log cabin design, twice around. The final blocks are about 12 inches square. 

I'm adding vintage buttons to the centers of the flowers. More on my button collection later (another gift from my mom... handed down from her mother and her mother before her).

I love the way these are turning out and they're so much fun to put together! The colors are citrusy oranges, yellows and greens with a splash of aqua thrown in here and there.

The nice thing about having my machine and ironing board in the dining room is that I can go work for a moment here and there without leaving my family. Maybe this will make for greater productivity this weekend!

And speaking of weekend... hope you have a lovely one. I'll be back next week.



  1. How exciting to have your own sewing room. I sew on our dining table, which is also where we homeschool, but as you say, you can (sometimes) squeeze in bits and pieces while being still with everyone.

    I spy some Central Park fabrics in your blocks. Is the background fabric white or off white in the Central Park range? Which fabric is the orange lattice one? The white with greenvine-stripe is pretty too, which fabric is it?
    They look so pretty together.

  2. Hi Pieces of Sunshine.

    Yes! I am using some Central Park and I love it. I would say that the background is white, though not a stark white.

    The orange lattice fabric is Michael Miller Meadowsweet Paper Snowflake Pumpkin and the green vine is Michael Miller Strawberry Tea Party Honey Vine Thyme.

    I hope that helps!