Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Where I Buy Fabric

Good morning. It's snowing here. Again. I'm just about ready for winter to be over. Are you dying for flip-flop weather too?

Anyway - there isn't a whole lot of sewing going on around here right now so I thought I'd share a non-crafty, no-sew, simply informative post today. I've had a few questions lately about where I buy my fabric, so here it is... the lowdown. Note - I am not being paid by any of these sources. This is not an advertisement. But I happen to love these guys and maybe you do too.

I have two mistresses (or masters?) when it comes to fabric. Upholstery-weight and quilting-weight cotton. I am equally devoted but I fall in and out of love with each of them on a regular basis, depending on the project du jour. Over the years I've accumulated a pretty decent stash of each type. Here's where I buy all of the goodness.

I buy most of my fabric from this site. They have the best sales and if you spend $35.00 or more, the shipping is free. Not bad, right? I mostly buy designer quilting fabric from this source (they have all the greats like Amy and Anna Maria and Michael Miller) but they also have a great selection of home decor fabric as well. I admit that I have made a mistake or two due to the fact that I can't see or touch the fabric before I buy it, but for these prices, it all works out in the end.

Yes, I do buy fabric at my local craft store. I really love the designs you can find at Joann these days. And with those 40% off coupons, you can get some amazing deals. The quilting weight cotton can be a bit flimsier than the designer stuff, but I find that it's ok in small quantities and for certain projects.

Home Fabrics and Rugs
I LOVE this source for crazy low-price upholstery fabric. There is a location near my parents in southern California and every time I visit, this is the first place I go. Sadly, they don't have one in Chicago but maybe someday. If you are lucky enough to have one near you, run, don't walk and go straight to the back of the store. $3.99 CORRECTION - $2.99 (!) per yard for 54" home decor fabric. And it's CUTE! I'm not kidding (see photo above). Amazing bargains.

Textile Discount Outlet
If you live in Chicago and you love fabric, this is a place you should go. Yes - it's a little scary. No - you would never want to be there if a fire broke out. Definitely take a friend to hold your hand. It's OVERWHELMING. A full city block and three full floors of fabric and the most amazing trim you've ever seen for insanely low prices. They don't have the latest designer stuff... 75% of the stuff has been there since 1980. But you'll find a few diamonds in the rough.

A great source for ends of designer upholstery-weight fabric. I've found some fabulous deals on this site and all orders ship for just $4.99.

I adore the fabric selection at IKEA. Sadly, the closest one to my home is about an hour away. But when I go I stock up on both quilting and home dec fabric. Most (if not all) of the upholstery stuff is machine washable. That's a huge plus in my book. The designs are super graphic and bold and fun.

So there you have it. I'm twitching and squirming a bit right now trying to get myself to step away from the computer and not click on all of the links I've just posted. It's addicting, isn't it? This fabric stashing we all do.

Hope you're having a great day. I'll be back soon.


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  1. I want to get my flip flops & maxi skirts out but its turned cooled here too. The children have a weeks school holiday & I nearly froze at the park yesterday, it was misty & grey :( We opted for the cinema today safer bet, roll on spring time please & a little bit of sunshine.