Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy February!

Wow! Can you believe it's February already? Is it just me or did January FLY by? Maybe that's because I was gone for a while. Anyway - I'm gearing up for Valentine's Day and fear it'll be here before I know it. Hearts are on the brain and I just finished my needle-turn applique heart pillow for a little friend's fourth birthday.

I ended up making my own piping. Did you know you can use yarn as the "guts" for piping? It works in a pinch and I just couldn't get to the fabric store this week.

I like the way it turned out and have already started a pillow for another little friend... this time using his first initial. I could really get hooked on this applique stuff.

But enough about that. Have you heard about the weather? We're bracing ourselves for the storm of the century here in Chicago. It's snowing lightly right now but is supposed to get pretty heavy this evening with blizzard-like conditions all night and all day tomorrow. You know it's bad when Al Roker and Sam Champion are in town to follow the storm and report live. Forecasters are suggesting this may be the third worst snowstorm in Chicago history! Crazy!

I sent my husband to the grocery store to stock up on cookie-making supplies as I imagine I'll be trying to keep a toddler busy tomorrow while he's home from school for his first snow day. Thankfully his grandmother bought him a karaoke machine for Christmas so tomorrow's festivities will also include Dance Party 2011 in our basement. We rock out to sweet tunes such as The Hokey Pokey, Old MacDonald Had a Farm and my son's personal favorite The Macarena.

I'm really hoping for a little sewing and quilting time tomorrow (please my dear little kiddos - take long naps!) I can't imagine anything better than some quiet time with my machine while I watch the snow fall outside my window. Pure heaven.

Stay warm and cozy and have a wonderful day.

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